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I am using a Nimbus controller with XPlane11. I am trying to use the right joystick as the throttle, however when it returns to center so does the throttle. Does anyone know how to change this so that you don’t have to hold the throttle in position all the time? Maybe I should assign the up and down keys to the throttle?

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Does your controller have an analog axis that does not auto center?  if you assign throttle to an auto centering axis, it will always return to 50% if you calibrate full motion of that axis.  It would be better to assign to a non auto center axis.

even if you calibrated only 1/2 the axis (from center to max) you would still have the issue upon auto center, only this time the throttle would go to 0% or 100% depending if inverted or not.

you generally want to have throttle on a non centering axis for the mere fact that during flight you likely will set the throttle to some % and want to leave it there for longer periods of time.
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Hi Dtsoho,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

X-Plane is unlike any other "shoot-em-up" or flight sim games.  The controllers have to be setup within X-Plane.  No other way.  Not with the installation software supplied with the controller or even within your operating system software.

If you were using Logitec or previously Saitek controllers I would tell you to dig a hole and bury the installation software never to be seen again.

 Have a look at the X-Plane manual found at  and specifically at and also at  and also at  Read the whole of Chapter 4. 

Take your time with the assignments of buttons and sliders making sure you do not assign two buttons to the one process or two or more processes to a single button or slider.  Your calibration will not work.

When you have the controller calibrated save the setup with a name.  Then if you want to fly another aircraft calibrate the controls for the new aircraft and then save with a different name.  Repeat this process for all aircraft where you wish to use this controller.  In the very early versions of XP11 and pre XP11 you had to calibrate you controller each time from first principals and lost all previous configurations whereas as now you select the controller name for you specific aircraft.

Good luck