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Hi, I'm experiencing stutters (almost a freeze) every 10-15 minute of flight. I've checked the Windows task manager and it seems that, when those freezes occur, the hard drive is in use at 100%.... Then, everything return normal for a while. It's also strange that the hard drive 100% used is the C:\ drive even though the x-plane is installed on the secon drive: D:\......

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It looks like scenery is loading. Do you experience it when flying in one place (e.g. over the city) or during long flights that spans over long distances and mutliple regions?
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Hi, thanks for your reply. It happens every flight around europe, usually during cruise phase with various liners. By the way, my pc specs are: i7-4770, gtx 970, 8gb ram, 2 mechanic hard drive (not ssd). I've also installed "HD sceney mesh V4". Maybe that's the problem? Or not enough RAM so that x-plane is using swap/pagefile on c:\ drive? What you think? Should I double the RAM amount?
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Hi, yes it looks like new scenery tile is being loaded. I have 16GB RAM (I can tell you from my experience that I should have gone for 32GB) and will sometimes experience up to two seconds of stutter when there is a lot of elements on the ground to load. HD Scenery Mesh V4 may be causing that. What if you decrease number of elements in Graphic settings in X-Plane?

Also please try to fly over the ocean and see if this happens. If it does then you probably will need to expand RAM, first to 16GB :)
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Just done a flight without HD mesh V4 and everything was smooth. So, to use the HD mesh V4 I probably need to add more ram....