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Good day! Until my Steam Version of X-Plane 11 updated it self to current beta 11.20vr3 all was working just fine with loading of Reshade 3.0.4. But for now it is not working and newer versions of Reshade from developers site too, as I found reason of it is in New Subfolder it calls "steam_shader_cache" and  inside of it there is one archive like file, in my case it calls "".

Is it possible to fix that, for I have chance to use external Reshade plugins, if not can you create option menu in graphic settings for enable Native Reshade - Bloom FX for all cockpit screens and highlited elements, skyes and City Lights?
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Hi, I have the same version of Reshade and X-Plane. Reshade works for me. Do you want me to check if I have that folder as well?
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Yes it would be good to compare what are you have in the Root folder of the game.
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Sure, this is my root folder. Reshade is in reshade-shaders and I believe opengl32 files are from reshade.

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