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My system:

OS - Windows 10 Home

Intel Core I-7-4790K @ 4.0 GHZ

Memory(RAM) - 32.0 GB

CPU - 64 bit

GPU - Geforce GTX 970, driver 361.75

Storage - 2 TB

With medium settings, it is hard to get past 20 fps.  Disheartening as I purchased new PC based on recommended x-plane specs on site.



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Hi Gary,

Tone down your rendering settings a lot. You have a very capable machine to run XP but there is no computer yet to fully max out XP in today's time. I get 30+ fps with medium to almost high rendering options but not extreme. Tone down your rendering options to the LOWEST possible setting and increase 1 setting at a time to see how your frame rate is affected. Restart the sim to the changes take effect.

Frame Rate Rules

Below 19 is terrible

25-35 + is optimal range for XP

60 + very unlikely

My Specs

Intel i7 4770k @3.5 ghz

GTX 970 4 gb VRAM

16 gb RAM

1 TB storage

MSI Z-87 G-41 Motherboard

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need additional guidance

Go super easy on cloud puffs setting- FPS killers. I have mine at 10%

Buildings, cars, trees, HDR, and texture resolution are GPU CPU killers as well. My HDR isn't working good so I turned it off


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This was informative, I have a similar setup based on the recommendation by x-plane:

i7 - 4Ghz

32 Gig mem

EVGA GeForce GTX 970

ASRock z170 extreme6

I thought that f x-plane recommended something it was to run the whole program not bits and pieces, so a little disappointed there, so you can tell the frustration there when you buy a recommended PC, but can only use parts of the program, kind of defeats the purpose.


I have seen other people run 4 monitor setups with a lower GPU, and a single PC.  Any ideas on how they accomplish this?
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Hi Casa,

Hopefully when X-plane 11 rolls by, we can fully max out 10. XP 10 is future proofed so even though if someone has a kelvin super cooled NASA computer, XP won't max out and it will bring any computer to its knees.

I'm not sure if I can answer your second question but I gave some advice

As for your multi-monitor setup question you asked, From what I've heard, you need independent PC's running to each monitor and thus you can accomplish a 4 or more monitor setup if you are willing to spend a ton of money for 4 PC's. Another thing that I heard was that XP doesn't support SLI thus you can't use 2 or more graphic cards, XP will use only 1.

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Good evening, the scenario is possible with one PC and one GPU, the key here is to have 2 copies of X-Plane loaded on the PC, and have one copy as Master and the other as a Slave, then have one copy with scenery only and the other copy on your 4th monitor with the cabin view.


Another option is to have one copy of X-Plane with only scenery on your 3 displays (nvidia surround) then have on your 4th monitor (touch screen) for your controls.


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Hi Casa,

That is very interesting and helpful info for anyone who wants to accomplish a multi-monitor setup with  X-plane.

I don't plan on purchasing more monitors (I have 1 monitor) simply because I don't need it and I have limited space available to me currently.

Helpful info though.