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I tried to get the demo of XP11 yesterday and when I open the installer, it immediately crashes.(please note that I have not installed XP on this pc before)  So far I have reinstalled my graphics card drivers, installed the newest ones, installed older ones, redownloaded the installer, put the installer in different places, boot the system into safe mode, and have gotten no where.  Some useful information might be that I had the same issue with the XPlane 10 installer.  XPlane 9 worked fine.  It also worked on my laptop with windows 7.  My current machine has windows 10 completely up to date.  My system does meet the requirements.  It has 16GB of DDR4, a 1TB external drive,a 250 GB nvme ssd, and a gtx 1070.
I will include the dump file, log file, installer I used, and a screen shot of VS's debugger with the exception thrown.

Thanks in advance for the help,

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I found a work around for the installer. I have 2 monitors. My main monitor is a 4K tv connected via HDMI, and my secondary is a 1080P monitor connected vis DVI. when I unplugged the 4K from HDMI, and only had the dvi connected, it worked. I still however have the same crash when opening the game normally. It only launches when connected to the DVI monitor and I have to connected the 4K one after everything is set up. Is there a fix to this?



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