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This is my first time using X-Plane. I purchased the X-plane11 DVD version but found out the plane I fly is not on there. Which is PA28-181 II version (with steam gauges instead of the III version)

I searched for the answer to my question and this is what I found:


from your answer, looks like you have PA28-181 III in X-Plane10. My question is do you have PA28-181 II version of it in X-Plane10?

If you do have PA28-181 II in X-plane 10, how can I get it? and is it compatible with X-Plane11?

Thanks a lot for your help

Dat N

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The Piper Archer has never been included in default X-Plane as far as I am aware. This is a third party aircraft you would have to purchase separately. 

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Thanks for the link. I also see it is compatible with X-Plane11. So I will definitely purchase it

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