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I'm still not able to callibrate my Saitek Cyborg Evo force joystick even after the upgrade in v11.30b4. I'm using a Mabcbook Pro on MacOS High Sirra 10.13.6. I also tried to follow the procedure described here https://developer.x-plane.com/article/creating-joystick-configuration-joy-files/#Nitty_gritty_a_sample_joy_file_as_of_X-Plane_1120

I stored the .joy file I created and described below in Xplane 11/Resources/joystick configs. It gives the same result.

NB : For the image I used an existing one, which represent the best matching one.

1100 version

OS: Mac

ID: VID:0x06a3PID:0xffb5
Display: Cyborg Evo Force

Axis 0: joy_use_roll
Axis 1: joy_use_ptch
Axis 2: joy_use_hdng
Axis 3: joy_use_thro

Button 0: sim/flight_controls/brakes_toggle_regular
Button 2: sim/flight_controls/landing_gear_toggle
Button 3: sim/flight_controls/flaps_down
Button 4: sim/flight_controls/flaps_up
Button 1: sim/general/left
Button 1: sim/general/right
Button 1: sim/general/up
Button 1: sim/general/down
Button 1: sim/general/forward
Button 1: sim/general/backward

View: Front
Image: Saitek_ST290.png

Axis 0 (x): 246 189
Axis 1 (y): 0 0
Axis 2 (Twist): 537 517
Axis 3 (Throttle):712 844

Button 0: 85 34
Button 1: 368 82
Button 2: 420 186
Button 3: 385 217
Button 4: 453 183

Otherwise can you advice a joystick that surely works on Mac (including a throttle button)

Thank you for your help.

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Hi! Would you please report that here? http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html Thanks!

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