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So I just recently bought xplane with a saitek yoke and throttle quadrant.

My problem is that when I have the levers (throttle, prop and mixture) at the 0 marking the airplane will give full thust. When putting it a little bit above that at approx. 5% it functions normally and gives almost no thrust like it should.

In the setting it seems to work but playing in the sim the problem shows up, then it seems to me it should be a software thing but im not sure.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, do you know how to fix it? I hope someone knows how to fix this, its quite an irritation.

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Not sure if this is the issue or not but don't forget that the saitek throttle quadrents have a detent switch on each lever (particularly useful for reversers on turbine engines) it's possible that those switches automatically assigned themselves to something. That aside, take a look in the axis asignment section of x-plane (joystick settings) and see if the little blue bar that indicates the current position if the lever behaves as it should when you mive the lever up and down (throttle up and down that is) if when you get down to zero% on the lever if it jumps to full then you will have to call saitek and try to get a replacement out of them.

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