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Since yesterday my throttle (in every plane) forces to go to full throttle. Even if I don't use a joystick. How can I fix this?

I'm using a Mac, Steam and X-plane11

Gr. Peter
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I have the same problem.  It is VERY frustrating. I cannot fly anymore.  I did a re-install of X Plane 11 and started to rebuild my cockpit starting from ground zero.  My throttle has been calibrated over and over.  As soon as I start the flight the throttle goes to full throttle.  I have been flying for several years and I cannot fly anymore because of it.  It happens on every plane type too.

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Hi Pevries

I'm not from Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but when you say "even if I don't use a joystick", did you mean that the joystick wasn't plugged into your PC or that you were using a yolk/throttle combo and the throttle still goes to full?

Also, do you mean that the throttle setting whilst flying in X-Plane goes to full even though the physical throttle is at idle?

Lastly, can I assume that you have fully calibrated your joystick etc. within X-Plane?

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That's what I ment...

 the throttle setting whilst flying in X-Plane goes to full even though the physical throttle is at idle.

When I start the game the throttle immedeately goes to full (in about 5 seconds you can see the lever pushes in.

thanks and regards

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Hi again

It would be worth checking first, to see if the 'Reverse Axis' checkbox has been selected within X-Planes Joystick/Throttle settings page, please click on following link:-


My joystick is different to yours, so the picture on the joystick settings page will also be different!


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Hi there,

The reverse button is not selected.

I have flown quite a while now and suddenly this problem rises. I think maybe a plugin is acticgnstrang or so... I just bought an iPad Pro 2018, and installed a few apps to communicate with my iMac. But when I trashed them out of my 'plug-in-map' the problem was still there.

I really don't know what happens.
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Hi again

I can't see why a plugin should be causing a problem with your joystick settings, have you re-tried calibrating your joystick just to make sure it is functioning as it should?

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Of course I retried calibrating my joysticks. But it seems a non-joystick-thing. Because when I open a plane, the lever from the plane itself pushes to full.

And with my joysticks active, I cannot use the throttle lever on it.

I can push the lever out with the mouse, but it slowly pushes in again.

Thanks for trying to help...
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I got this same problem a month  ago. I have flown with default 737-800 more than a year before this happened. Usually the problem arises just after disengaging the autopilot i.e. when you need manual control for landing. Even if I set the throttle to idle in Saitek quadrant, in the simulation the lever move to full. Only thing to stop this is to use the reverse thrust (not recommended in the air) but as soon as I set it to idle, the same happens again. This makes flying almost impossible.

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Hi all, I had a similar problem for weeks and look at all the forums to find a solution but never found any. So I try to understand by myself. I installed DatarefTool to see what is changing but could not what was changing the throttle value.

Then by chance, i see that by clicking on a dataref on DataRefTool the problem stopped. This was the "sim/autopilot/autothrottle_toggle".  I did more research and finally found my problem was because on the Saitek Multi Panel I had the switch "Auto Throttle" set to "ARM". This is a button I never used before but it appears to be my problem.

By setting it to "OFF" my problem dissapears. Don't know if it is the same for you but give it a try.

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