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So I recently purchased XP11 and I have been trying to download it for the past 6 days, leaving it running for 8hrs+ and still has not past 50% yet. I have also noticed that ever so often it 'Fails to connect to server'

Steps I have taken:

  • Unpacking the installer
  • Running as admin
  • Only downloading 1 region at a time
  • Turing of my firewall



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Its not only xplane it's the update as well It took 3 days for xplane to download  and I have been trying to download the update for the past four hours and it tells me that I have another 5 hours (tI will believe that when it happens) to go.  The download is 1.5 gb it has a speed of 72 kbps.  Currently I can fly from my home address to Madrid and back to Australia quicker that this stuff downloads

I think Laminar Research and your server host CDN ought to reconsider whatyou both believe to be reasonable customer service, 12 hours for 1.5gb because users and Laminar are not receiving it from CDN and we are not getting it from Laminar and CDN.  This is costing you clients

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We recommend only downloading a small amount of scenery at a time as download speeds and connectivity can vary. We use a CDN service with generally good coverage where our main user base is, although some areas have smaller points of service. 

If downloading directly from our CDN is a problem, another alternative for digital installations is purchasing via Steam. Please let me know generally where you are located (country, state, etc) to track if there is a specific problem area.