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I came to X-Plane with v.11.02, now up to 11.20. Flew FS9 almost every day for almost 15 years - don't think I have even run it since I discovered XP. Love it to bits... smiley

One issue grates on me every time I fly though (well, there's also the groundhandling of the c172, but that's a different point altogether), especially in a/c larger than a Cessna. The braking is either all or nothing.. and when you apply brakes even the largest aircraft, like the B744, tip forward tail to nose in a most unrealistic fashion. Anyone know if this 'nosewheel springiness' (user fixable in FS9) is on the list of stuff to attend to? Progressive braking (I had to install a third-party plugin for this, which helps) via the joystick would be great. And eliminate this tilting effect, which looks daft IMHO...

Many thanks.

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Any of the key or button assignments for brakes are pretty much all or nothing. You can set left & right brakes to 2 axes (such as those on rudder pedals) for more realism & control.