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i've uninstall xp 11 and now i 'm unable to find product key which is not being filled in by xp automatically.

what if anything can i do?


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Hi Red Cross 2,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a fligt simmer.

My assumptions are you have purchased a digital download from either Laminar Research or some other source and you have not backed up or printed a hard copy of your email advising of the product key or written it down in a "safe place".

This is not the forum to solve your problem.  If you made the purchase from Laminar Research you need to make contact  "For lost digital download product keys purchased from this site, please e-mail"

You will need to provide as much detail as possible, including date of purchase, your fulll name details provided at the time of purchase, any receipt numbers etc.  You know the drill.  You will need to provide details of the email contact you used.

If you purchased from somebody else you need to contact that source and "good luck' in solving your problem

It is called "backup" when you solve your problem.

Good luck.