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After downloading some qualified Aircraft on line and some qualified scenery library's. Airplanes are there and then the next time they are gone. I get ready to fly and no Airplanes in the flight program at all. I have all the Airplanes in the desktop part of the program but they don't appear when I fly. I have had to reinstall the full program on 2 separate occasions because of this. There must be a way to reload all the Aircraft back to the main flight program so they appear when I go on line to fly. Any help would be appreciated.


Don [email protected]

Phone 360-672-1366


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Is this the default aircraft?

Have you ran the updater/installer again?

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Hi Don,

Make sure you're putting your aircraft files in the right place. When you download a new aircraft, it probably comes in a zipped (compressed) folder. Unzip the folder (sometimes you can just double click on it, or try right clicking and looking for an "uncompress" option) and place the entire folder into X-Plane's aircraft folder. You can also put it in one of the sub-folders within "Aircraft" such as "general aviation" or "heavy metal."

Even if you add an aircraft folder while X-Plane is running, you can click on the Re-Scan button in the Open Aircraft screen and X-Plane should find it (as long as it's in the aircraft folder).