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I have X-Plane through Steam on Windows 10. After a recent update of the OS the program hangs whenever you plug the Xbox One controller, it unhangs after unplugging so it seems to be a very direct issue. I have read that there were issues with the OS update regarding the controller but information is confusing. I haven't found people complaining about this specific game-controller combination. Is this a known problem? Something I can try?

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Just as a side comment that may or may not be of interest for a developer. Initially the program detected the controller and worked fine, but it showed on more analog control that it should had. Say that, I'm leaving this question because is the wrong forum.

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Hi Lucas, 

I haven't heard about this specific combination either, but the Steam version of X-Plane 10 is a different product than what is sold at Issues with it are handled by Aerosoft. Here's a link to their Steam FAQ or you can contact them at

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No I just have the exact same Problem with the Xbox one Controller (elite Version) on Windows 10 with a real XPlane 10 program installed from the DVDs and updated to 10.45.

It freezes X-Plane while the Controller is hooked to the System. It unfreezes X-Plane when I disconnect the Controller from the USB port.

How can I use the Controller with X-Plane?