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I'm having trouble using the left and right keys to look around the cockpit (i.e. the "general/left" and "general/right"). for some reason they don't work for me in any aircraft.  

Other similar features still work such as "general/zoom_in" and "general/zoom_out" (=, -) and "general/up" and "general/down" (up / down arrow keys) even "general/rot_left" and "general/rot_right" (q and e) work. But for some reason the "general/left" and "general/right" function does not work. Interestingly, the "general/rot_down" and "general/rot_up" (f and r) don't work either.

I've recently installed X-Plane 10.45 on a Mac

Thanks for your help

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It sounds like the default key bindings have gotten changed. You can check under the Joystick & Equipment -> keys tab to see your key assignments. You can also delete the preferences to have X-Plane restore the defaults on the next start up. I believe deleting only X-Plane Keys.prf will restore default key bindings.
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Thanks for the suggestion jroberts. I did check to ensure the keys were programmed correctly in the Joystick & Equipment panel and I even went to the extent of deleting the individual left and right keys and reprogramming them.

I took your suggestion and deleted the key.prf file and it seems to have restored the default settings / keys, however my issues still exists, the left and right arrow keys still do not move my view like the up and down arrows do. This is very annoying as I can't zoom in on the MFD on the Garmin G1000 on the Cirrus SR20 I purchased :(

PS I can confirm that these keys on my machine do in fact work in other software applications ;)
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What view are you using? The left & right arrow keys don't work with the 2D panel, which is often the default view. Even if it looks like a 3D panel, you may still need to tell X-Plane to use that view by pressing shift + 9. (You can try changing the default panel view setting in the rendering options screen if the all the aircraft you use have 3D panels .)
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Perfect. Thanks. That's the thing I was missing, that the left and right arrows weren't meant to work in 2D setting. I've set 3D to default and all good. Thanks for your help.