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Received XPlane Global Edition today, installed Disc 1 and 2 no problems.  Put in Disc 3 and it would not read it in.  Cancelled installation, tried again, Disc 1 and 2 installed but still no luck on Disc 3.  Drive makes a bumping noise on disc 3.
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Seems to be on the hardware side.

Maybe a scratched disk?
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CD drive is working ok.  Able to install other software with no problems.  X-Plane disc are new and appear to be ok also.  Disc 3 appears to be the problem.

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This same question is asked another place in the forum. I saw other people complaining about disc 2 not working. My experience was that several discs didn't snap down tightly into the player. The holes in the discs are tight. The player seemed to run but nothing happened. I pressed the discs down tightly and they ran fine.
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After XP Support replaced Disc 2 and 3 I was able to install disc 1 thru 4 before 5 crapped out. I have never had so much problems installing software.

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