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Bought X-plane for a while ago, worked really well until now. Today it asked me for my product key which I already have enabled. I don't have access to that key now, what should I do?

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Got the key again, but apparently, it was disabled. I don't know what to do please help.

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I have the same problem please help me. I've bought my key from G2A and asks my key even after I used X-Plane 11 for some time.
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I also have the same problem, bought my key from G2A 15.08.2018 and the key worked fine until 31.08.2018 after I installed the latest update. I contacted Laminar Research support, and they replied:

"This copy of X-Plane has been disabled because either the original purchaser returned it for cash or purchased it with a stolen credit card.
If you would still like to purchase a legitimate copy of X-Plane, you can do that from us directly here. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help you."

So Laminar Research isn't probably going to help us. I tried contacting the seller "Eche87685" via G2A, but he hasn't answered yet. Maybe we bought the key from the same scammer.

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Today 02.09.2018 I got a response from the seller. 

The Seller has agreed to refund the purchased product(s). The Buyer shall receive the refund according to the payment method used in the order. This case is considered resolved.

 I didn't request a refund, but it's better than getting completely scammed. (received the refund already)

For anyone who's in the same situation (bought from G2A), go to G2A resolution center and contact the seller.

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Same user, same problem. Started a ticket in resolution center.
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Hi Zurfarn34,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

If you did not purchase your original digital download software from Laminar Research then you need to contact the seller.  Even the purchase of the steam version also applies as Steam is a hybrid.

I see that others have purchased from the same reseller and are having the same problem as you.

I think the last sentence from Peki7's comment may indicate or solve your current problem.  Always pays to purchase from the original source.

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I've bought from the same person (Eche87685) and my key has also been disabled.
I've contacted him too, no response yet.
It's probably best to invest the little bit of extra money in buying a 100% legit copy of the sim.
Hoping I too will get a refund, and I will just buy the legit copy for the extra bit of cash.
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Maybe not - as I bought mine off the X-plane site directly and I'm having the same problem...
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Hello, i just got the same problem with this seller. I tried contacting him, but he isnt responding yet, I found his email, I wrote there, hope he replies and sends money back. Any advices?
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Hi Matthew,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

There is only one true, official, genuine and original version of X-Plane.  That version is only available from Laminar Research found via

An alternative genuine X-Plane product site that sells the Laminar version is  This site is dedicated to just X-Plane and has no connection or relationship with Laminar.

All other offerings as you have found out is either a scam/pirate copy or a 3rd party modified hybrid version.

Good luck in getting a refund.  If you do then purchase the genuine product and support Laminar ins X-Plane's future development .


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I guess that i wont get the refund because the seller needs to reply first and then he can say if he will give me money back, but he isnt replying, so i guess i got scammed, sad :(