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Hi all,

I'm new here and to X-plane. I got the sim last Christmas and been flying it since then, it works fine but the only thing I haven't been able to fix is that any airplane in any airport (I only havevthe default planes, no add-ons) starts moving as soon as I start any engine with the throttles at idle.

I have calibrated my seitek pro flight yoke and quadrant several times, but the issue persist. I dont think is an issue with the seitek hardware as I dont have this problem with another sim that I use. Perhaps I'm setting up the controls incorrectly?

Im runing Xplane 10 on windows 10.

Thank you in advance for any advice,


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Hi Juan,

Assign a key to your joystick to brakes.

I have a button bind to my joystick in the buttons advanced settings "Toggle Brakes regular effort"

That should solve your problem.