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from working just fine in version 10.36, it crashes imideately upon startup with 10.45 update.

I run on windows 10 with a intel i5-4670K 3,40 Ghz with 8GB ram.


Anyone with ideas?

Note: i´m somewhat of an idiot with computers:(

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Please can not activate the X-10 plaine
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Have you tried to delete the preferences files inside the folder to reset the sim

It may be overheating as well so make sure you monitor your CPU (Download CoreTemp) and GPU temps (Download GPU-Z)

That SHOULD solve the issue

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Hi Patrik,

How is it crashing? Is it pulling up the auto reporter screen that allows you to send the report to Laminar? (Please make sure to send it if so!) Or is it just freezing and you have to manually quit? Please attach a log.txt file from one of these times it crashes.