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Hello. I keep getting the udp_socket_multi udp_init failed message on startup followed by udp_socket_read udp_init failed. I am most certain this is because of my internet settings but can't resolve the issue. The 64bit version doesn't work but the 32bit works fine. Any help would be much appreciated :D heres my log.txt

imageDownload file

Cheers, Brady

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This message in the log file:

This is almost certainly because you are already running another copy of X-Plane or EFIS-App on the SAME computer... oops!

indicates that X-Plane may already be running. It's possible X-Plane didn't shut down correctly last time you quit. Try opening task manager and closing anything related to X-Plane there.

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I have had the same problem and I get it even after doing a complete reboot (shutdown, not restart). I first saw it after I switched my network connection (I did this while the computer was off mind you) from a Ethernet cable to my router to a wireless connection. Is it possibly not able to use a wireless connection to connect to the multiplayer UDP stuff?
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Whenever I need to test multiplayer I use wireless and it has not been a problem. Please start & quit X-Plane and immediately attach a copy of the log.txt. I assume this error keeps you from actually using X-Plane? Because a screenshot of your net connections settings could also be helpful.
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I decided to start a new question here. The error does not prevent me from using x-plane and I do not network at also my settings have not been touched. That is the reason why this is so frustrating. If all I did is change how my PC gets internet - why would x-plane be affected at all?

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