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I just bought X Plane 11 and the sound does not work at all. A message is displayed when the first plane is launched: "The sound system could not be initialized! This could be because your sound hardware was unavailable. Please restart your system and try again"

I tried to:

- Restart the computer

- Disconnect my second screen (witch is equipped with internal speakers)

- Put the sound on a headset instead of the internal iMac speakers

- Delete and re-install X-Plane,

but I'm still having the issue.

XPlane is the only one app on my computer with a sound issue.

The Mac is a 2017 iMac 27" and the High Sierra version is 10.13.6

I added the Log file too.

Could you please help me to fix this?

Thanks for you help,


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I've rectified my issue - I deleted the contents of the Preferences folder and let it rebuild upon restarting X-Plane. All fixed!

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Hi! That is a first for us! Do you have any plugins installed at the moment? Also, what audio equipment are you using? Thanks!
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Thank you for the help, no I don't have any plugins yet, and I use the internal iMac speaker ( manufactured by Apple according to the iMac System Information app). But I tried with a Beats headset and the result is the same.

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Thanks for clarifying! That is very odd. OpenAL (the component that seems to be troublesome here) is not controlled by X-Plane at all. It is actually baked into the OS of your computer. As long as you are running the latest Mac OS version, I am afraid that I do not have many more ideas for you. I am sorry for the inconvenience here!


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I'm having the same issue, running Mojave on a 27" 2015 Retina iMac. Funnily enough, the Demo of X-Plane 11 had sound, and X-Plane 10 works with out any issues. Same as above, I'm using the bog-standard built-in speakers.
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My issue seems to be resolved since the Apple iOS update, so I hope it will be ok :)

Anyway, thank you very much for your help,

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Excellent! Thanks for the update!