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After an hour or two, the frames drop down into unplayable territory.
Starting from 40-60 FPS on 4K, high settings (powerful PC behind it)
Temperatures are completely normal, CPU at 4,4ghz at 40°C and
the 1080ti sits at 60-65°C max.

Many other people have that problem too, I'd like a solution for it.
Also: Yes, I have tried disabling ALL my plugins. No change at all.
And I do not have this issue in ANY other plane.

Thanks in advance.

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I had this same problem too When i first Had x Plane 11...

Do you use X Plane 11 Fullscreen? If so, Make it A window. This helps Increase the FPS

its because of how "Big" The plane is. The Graphics are too much to cope with. Thats why it happens

Again, this happended to me before

Making the full screen to a window helps.
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The same problem here on XP11.34 . B747 needs update - it is neglected, what a shame.
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Very much so. They should make it have RR engine noises in FMOD and make the graphics more lower for such a huge plane.