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I am looking for a desktop that meets the minimum requirements to run X Plane 11, with a view to upgrading components in the future. As I have not yet bought the PC I cannot run a demo so I am looking for guidance regarding integrated graphics. Can the sim be run using on board Radeon R7 with adjusted settings?


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Hi - What system are you referring to specifically? I don't think that a on board graphics card would be best for x-plane. You can always try the free demo here though! Thanks!

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Hi Thomson,

I was looking at the Zoostorm Stormforce Onyx AMD A8 Processor with on board Radeon R7 graphics, 8Gb RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive Gaming PC, but like I said I have not purchased yet so cannot try the demo, I'm just looking for advice so I don't buy something that will not work.

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Hi bmonaghan,

Unlike Thomson I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

X-Plane will not run on an integrated graphics card/motherboard arrangement.  You need to have a dedicated graphics card installed as part of your PC.

For the best deal possible run a windows based system.  A Mac/Apple system will cost an arm and a leg for the same specs as the windows system.  The "knowledgeable"  experienced X-plane users don't run Macs.  They are not easy to upgrade.  You will need to consider good cooling.

For best performance run your system with a Nvidia graphics (GPU) card and an Intel processor (CPU).  Any other format will give you a lesser performance.

Welcome to x-plane.

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Thanks Glenn that's exactly what I needed to know.
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Further to my comments above have a look at the following YouTube video link produced by Michael Brown from XForcePC.  This company is the recommended PC supplier of units suitable for the running of X-plane by Laminar Research within the USA.  The link can be found at

Also have a look at the following link as well found at

I have no connection with this company.