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I'm looking at the GNS430 custom procedure directory data.  By looking at other instrument procedures I can figure out quite a bit of what the csv values are supposed to be but is there a formal reference for these files?  When I get into procedure that has a hold its not as obvious what goes where.

Where can i find a reference for this information?

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The format description is identical to the one known as the "DigitalAviation/Flight 1" format for FSX. Only that for FSX it's shipped in an exe installer and for X-Plane it's a zip file.

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Awesome, I found a doc that had airport definitions but this has all the Fixes.  This is exactly what I needed.  Very difficult when your guessing from other plates how to decode these.  I bought a Navaid update and it still didn't have updated plate.  This will allow me to get all the plates in my area for IFR training.