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I received X Plane 11 as a Christmas Gift.
I have been using the demo without any issues.
I have attempted to load X Plane 11 in several ways and nothing has happened.
Using the installer, nothing happens.  I insert DVD #1 per the instructions and nothing happens.
Using the DVD set, I click on DVDSetUp and it says Set Up Is Already Running.
Again, nothing happens.
Anybody got any answers, tricks, tips?
Thank you in advance.

rickatnyte (Rick)

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Hi Rick

I'm just another simmer in the UK, but have you tried downloading X-Plane 11 straight from their website, assuming you have high speed access to the web?

If you already have the demo version on your PC, then presumably this was downloaded from the web and if so, you should be able to activate to the full version with your DVD Licence Key.


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