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Dear Xplane,

I found ATC became better in Xplane 11.30 (r2 I am using) than previous version. But some suggestions for more improvements:

1. After instructing to ascend to 2000 ft it soon does to descend to 1000 ft (after 10 seconds or so). The same for heading. Maybe it happens if I do not schedule using any specific air route but freely fly and then plan landing in the air.

2. After a heading and/or altitude instructions, it make another squawk broadcast too soon (almost immediately).

3. (Maybe I have put a schedule enroute altitude 500 ft, which is default) atc also sometimes instructs me to fly at 500 ft, even if higher mountain is in front. Since the warning system seems know my relative altitude it would be not difficult to atc to know it.

(Also in beta 3 I found that the shadow is not correctly drawn over a high mountain)

Thank you for developing a beautiful simulation!

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Just get vatsim... :)