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I am currently using XP 11.30 on a windows 8 system 64 bit. I was attempting to use SimBuddy and had to change XP to run in windowed mode. After unsuccessful attempts in getting Simbuddy to run, I turned the application off, and just continued the flight in windowed mode. I finished the flight and exited the program normally.

I turned on my computer this afternoon, only to find that my X Plane shortcut didn't have the X-Plane icon present. I checked the folder and the application file was down to 0KB. When I clicked on the icon it came up with a message "This app won't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the publisher."

I also tried to use the X Plane Installer, and it came up with an error about permissions and that I don't have access to the files. If I run a new install, it's going to take about 4 hours and will punch a huge hole in my download limit (I only have 50Gb per month limit).

I run everything in Windows 8.1 as Adminstrator, and all the X Plane files are intact. I have noticed that Windows 10 update is trying to download in the background. Should I consider updating to WIN10 at this stage or stick with WIN8.1?

Can anyone help me solve this one, or should I just delete everything and do a fresh reinstall?

Log file is attached.

Please help. Thanks!

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Hi Farqo71

I'm just a fellow simmer in the UK (not with Laminar Research), but if the X-Plane icon didn't have the X-Plane logo in it, then it could be a link problem between the shortcut and the X-Plane 11.exe file?

Just to be certain, please click on attached link and open PDF file. I have created a PowerPoint slide showing how to do this, if you're not sure.

Basically, go into File Explorer, then left click Local Disk (C:), right click the X-Plane folder, left click Send To, left click Desktop (create shortcut)

Close File Explorer and click on the new X-Plane 11 shortcut to see if the program opens. Delete the old X-Plane shortcut. Please let me know what happens?

Hope this helps initially?


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Hi Greengolfer,

It seems that the x-plane.exe application had 0KB and no icon, which I was able to send to the desktop, but still came up with "App cannot run on this PC. To find a version that runs on your PC, check with the publisher".

I tried to copy it over to another hard drive (F), and then download the files until I got the application file back and then transferred it over. Ran into more problems with X Plane installer not being able to access the files (permission denied), plus the fact that I have reached my download limit and couldn't continue with the reinstall,  I decided to just uninstall the whole smash.

I might just do a fresh install of everything, be a bit more selective of what I put in there and see how it goes. I still think that changing the admin/firewall settings for X Plane or mucking around trying to get Simbuddy client to work has had a detrimental effect on the latest version of X plane 11.

I'm updating my internet plan so that I can reinstall all the X Plane files again, but won't be active until 24 to 48 hours. Going to suffer major XP11 withdrawls during this period.....

Thanks for your help Greengolfer,
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Hi Farqo71,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Firstly X-Plane 11.30 has been designed primarily around Windows 10 so to upgrade from Win 8.1 would be a prudent move.

Secondly what is SimBuddy and why are you using it.  Either delete the software or isolate the product so that it has no impact of any sort on the installation X-Plane.  X-Plane requires a complete greenfields approach with no other software influences.

Thirdly X-Plane needs to be installed to your desktop or a dedicated created directory on your "C" drive or on your  "F" drive.  It has to be an isolated package that is not installed in your windows operating system files like other older style flight packages.

Fourthly if you have a digital download version you have to be connected to the internet at all times as the software does a silent background check as you use X-Plane to ensure you have a legal copy.  So a move to upgrade your internet plan is also a good move.

My suggestion is to use a good reliable software deletion package and remove any traces of X-Plane and SimmBuddy and after you have upgraded your internet plan then reload and reinstall X-Plane.

As a side issue you haven't indicated whether you have the official version of X-Plane from Laminar Research or the 3rd party hybrid version from steam.  The steam version and the Laminar version are totally different packages.  They do not mix and match.

Good luck with the new installation.


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Ok Glenn, step 1 for me is to get Windows 10 up and running. Simbuddy is a client that you can use with X Plane 11 in running a Virtual Airline. You run the client with XP11 (detects XUIPC) and collects data about your flight, and you also have to look after your passengers well on the flight and keep them safe and happy. If you don't, you won't get a good score and your Virtual Airline's perforrmance and reputation slides down. It's been a while since I have run the Simbuddy client, and was experiencing issues with it, and totally removed the client off the computer. I don't intend on reinstalling it either. After the problems I've had, it's not worth it.

I have upgraded my internet plan which kicks in 24 to 48 hours (probably sooner) so I have nice generous download limit per month. I purchased a digital download copy of X-Plane 11 and have a serial number for the purchase, so it's not a steam/hybrid edition. It's the official version of the software. I definitely don't mix and match the versions, and really don't use Steam much with flight simulation.

Thanks Glenn and cheers for the advice.

<sigh> Windows 10 install begins.