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Getting an error on startup missing resources/Rand.bin, I uninstalled and redownloaded, but no luck.

I see the rand.bin file in the resources folder, so I'm not sure why xplane isn't registering it.

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As you know, file names in Macs are case sensitive. Rename your rand.bin to Rand.bin and it should be fine.
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Sorry it's actually Resources/rand.bin and the cases are correct currently.
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still no luck
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Take your problem to a steam forum.

This site is for the official and original x-plane version developed by Laminar Research.

Steam is a 3rd party hybrid taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar.  Steam and the Laminar versions are different and do not mix.  There is no connection of any type between steam and laminar.  STeam is not sold by Laminar

Cherio/ goodby
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Ok.... just trying to get some help. Thanks anyways.
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I got the steam version refunded and downloaded directly from the xplane website and still the same issue, so it's not steam that is the problem.
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Ok.  You were lucky to get the refund.

I would suggest you lodge a bug report.  How to do it can be found in the following link at

Good luck