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How do I get the images to begin displaying again, in a LENOVO EXPLORER mixed reality headet--when the game "stutters" and blanks out (temporarily), and stops displaying images in the headset?

After frequent bouts of image stuttering and/or blanking out--the images will finally stop being displayed in the headset, altogether.

I'm running an AMD FX 4350 4.2Ghz CPU; GTX 1070-ti 8GB graphics card, 32GB memory; Windows 10 64bit.

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Hi Robert,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.  I am not into VR and at my age I won't be.

What I do know about VR is what I will provide to you.

Up until one of the most recent updates (not 11.30) you needed a plugin called Steam VR to enable the use of all headsets.  The update allowed some popular brands to remove the necessity for the plugin from X-Plane and they successfully operated.  My vague memory tells me the make you are using was not one of the specific brands that had the new benefit  So, I am of the opinion you need to have the plugin installed through X-Plane. 

I would also suggest you have a look at this site that can be found at  which deals with issues associated with VR headsets.

Also I have seen in this forum where others providing an answer have suggested moving your question to the forum which is a dedicated site created by X-Plane users for X-Plane users   The site you are currently on is administered by or also known as Laminar Research.  There is  no connection between either party.

For starters in trying to solve your problem have a look at this link found at  which currently has 40 pages of issues.  The downfall with this forum is that you have to make comments 3  or 4 times before you can ask an original question.

The following link may be of some use as well and found at

Sorry I can't be more helpful.