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Update 11.30 knocked the Garmin 530 Auto-pilot whacko.  It will not fly a heading loaded in the Flight Plan nor hold VS altitude.  Have re-installed X-Plane 11 several times and it tells me update 11.25 available.  However on selecting update, it loads 11.30 which is CRAP.  HOW DO I LOAD 11.25 INTO A FRESH X-PLANE 11 INSTALLATION WITHOUT WINDING UP WITH 11.30 ?????
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"What idiot came up with the 11.30 update??": Well, it was made for smart customers; obviously did did not make it for people like themselves...! ;-)

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It might be interesting to know that a "GARMIN 530 Autopilot" does not exist. It is the 430/530 GNS which can be coupled now (since V11.30) to 9 different autopilots
- Custom
- Airliner
- GFC700
- STec 55
- STec with ALT Preselect
- KAP 140 w/o ALT
- KAP 140 w/ALT
- KAP 140 w ALT presel
- Piper Autocontrol

and they all work flawlessly. No reason for endless re-installations of X-Plane 11
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Seems to me that somebody now has a double yoke yellow stain on their face after the type of language used in the initial question.