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I've just installed the latest update 11.31r1 (build 113100 64-bit) and now X-Plane no longer connects to the internet.

I can't download the latest weather and some of my plugins cannot access what they need to online.

I'm running on Windows 10 (iMac Bootcamp) and have checked that X-Plane is allowed through the firewall.

My internet connection is fine. Everything ran well till this update.

Can you advise?

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Hi PilotMike

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer, but I have prepared a few slides showing my X-Plane 11 Network Settings tab, please click on the following link:-

Are your network settings OK, based on what my own settings show?


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Thanks for replying, it's a yes to all those questions. I've not had this issue before.

I'm using Skymax pro plugin and it wants to connect to validate the licence but it can't. When I choose to match real world weather in the flight confutation it fails. I've tried turning the plugin off and it does download the weather. I'm now pretty sure it's an issue with SkyMax Pro not being compatible with the latest version of X-Plane. Your message helped me to realse the issue is not with X-Plane. Thanks