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Disk 5 is corrupted - does this affect all scenery or are there areas which do not call for disk 5. When I try to install scenery - even a small area I follow the promts and have no problems through disk 4. But disk 5 fails and then all scenery is lost.

How can I save it so I don’t have to re-install with each use ?

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Hi William

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but can I assume that you are trying to install X-Plane 11 by DVD and it is Disk 5 that does not load during the install?

Presumably you have access to the internet in order to submit your Q&A post and if you do, then the best thing to do is download X-Plane 11 from the Laminar Research website and use the Product Key from you DVD set to activate it.


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