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My system: CPU: I7-4790, Graphics: RTX 2070, 8GVRAM, Memory: 25G, OS W10 (64bit). X-plane version: 11.31.

Graphics driver Nvdia 418.91.

Maximum fps single monitor: 17-18 occassionally goes above 20 but never higher than 25., dropped significantly as two additional monitors are added (in the range of 7-8..  Checking the GPU utilization via task manager, only about 10%.

I looked at and followed the video by Q8Pilot, but  to no avail.

I have downloaded and reinstalled clean versions, again no change.

I hope some of you more experienced x-planers will have some ideas.

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Further, just for the hell of it, I loaded up my copy of x-plane 10 and the fps is now between 25 and 35.  Any theories as to why 10 works but 11 does not....the hardware is the same.

Dan Landis

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Please  show/list your settings , exact location, aircraft, and weather conditions.