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Yesterday after switching from X52 to X56 controls I noticed that every time I switch VNAV mode on, auto throttle engages at the same time. Doesn't matter what plane I try to fly, default 737, freeware Gulftream G-IV or payware Challenger 300 (which shouldn't even have a/t!). Tried uninstalling Logitech software, and reinstalling X Plane, to no help. With the default 737 the A/T switch will only work when FMS is in level change mode, but when at cruise altitude, auto throttle will not switch off, unless VNAV is disconnected.

Running X Plane 11.32 through Steam in Win 10.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mariner8,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

I don't have or support steam.  Normally I would advise you to take your problem to a steam forum.  This site is for the official Laminar Research version of X-Plane.

Steam is a 3rd party hybrid taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar.  It is a totally different package that will not mix with the official version.  Laminar does not market steam.  Steam will only update when official releases are made whereas with the Laminar version you can get the up[dates, including beta versions as soon as they are available.  Steam installs differently to the Laminar version and would be more difficult to fully remove.

Now your controller problem.  This following advice may not totally fix your problem but will provide a partial solution.

Purchase or download a good reliable software package that will remove files from your PC.  Then apply that software so that it completely removes any/all files associate with your Logitech (Saitek) software.  When completed find your Logitech discs and dump them in the bin or dig a hole and bury them.  Logitech software does not work with X-Plane.

Now that you have completed that process don't try and install the controls through windows either.

The objective now is to install the X52 controls.  It can only be done through X-Plane.  Have a look at the following link found at   from Michael Brown.  Michael owns a business in the USA that builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  Laminar Research recommends this business as the preferred PC supplier in the USA.

Review the video several times to understand the process and disregard the unit that is being demonstrated.  The configuration process will take some time provided you are thorough.  When complete the latest versions of X-Plane allows you to give the newly configured controls a name.  Do so.

The important issue to remember is not to assign more than one instruction to a button or switch or lever or vice- versa ie don't have multiple assignments  

Shut down X-Plane and remove the X52 controls.  Repeat the process for the X56 controls.

The configuration process also applies to other hardware brands as well including yokes and pedals.

What you will have is the ability to select controls for your aircraft of choice without having to reconfigure the controls as was the case with XP10.

As indicated earlier this process may not solve your problem but will get your controls configured so that they will be usable.

Good luck


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Thank you for your reply!

About Steam I have to disagree, as for all of it's downsides, it really is not much else than a distribution channel, chosen to be used by Laminar, so it would feel weird to not be able to ask X Plane related questions in X Plane Q&A.

Checked the Youtube video you linked, unfortunately didn't help, as the controller itself is working correctly. Also uninstalling Logitech software and cleaning registry from anything that said Logitech did nothing. Neither did reverting back to X52 anything to solve the problem.

So still right where I started. Bummer.

Still, I appreciate you taking your time to try and help!

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I think basically the VNAV implementation of the Laminar FMC is at best, hit-and-miss.  And the aircraft that you’ve mentioned all rely on the default FMC.  I doubt the controller has anything to do with the behavior.  Yes, flying the Challenger with VNAV can get downright “confusing”.  I believe a proper implementation should allow the pilot the option to gain complete control of the throttle while with VNAV engaged.  You’ll probably need to find an aircraft that comes with its own custom FMC to do that. For instance, the Zibo B738 mod supports VNAV operation with the Auto-Throttle fully disengaged.
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Thanks for your reply!

I believe you're correct, there have been numerous mentions of problems with a/t and VNAV earlier. Though I could find only one similar case as this. And that question also still remains unsolved. Quite unfortunate really, as I really do like the Challenger 300, and in general I much prefer flying business jets over the big irons, so the Zibo doesn't answer to that need. Maybe I'll just have to ignore the VNAV function altogether, and try to be alert with the throttles to avoid overspeeding while climbing.

Edit: Filed a bug to Laminar, hopefully it'll get sorted out in some later update.
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I confirm. Switching on the VNAV with AP makes autothrottle active. Perhaps it's a C300 plane issue.

See you.