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I know my origin and my destination but don-t know the via for the flight plan. Could someone please tell me where I could find it. I filled out everything before.
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Yes, it's a mess, and I've suggested an improvement for many years: In 19-year-old sims you could click your route on the map, while X-Plane still tortures your with entering letters and digits you'll have to look up elsewhere.
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X-plane is outstanding !!!

As said the AIR TRAFF CONTROL and flight planning are just a " FRUSTRATION "

Too bad we can not just move the FLT SIM X flight planning over to X-plane

Phil Hazelton

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Hi alexmano

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but could you please clarify what you mean by "via for the flight plan"?

Do you mean specific waypoints, VOR's, departure and arrival routes (SID's & STAR's) for a valid flight plan between the origin and destination airports?

If this is what you are referring to, then you have to create these yourself using 3rd party online route planners such as https://www.simbrief.com/home/?page=home, https://skyvector.com/ or http://onlineflightplanner.org/

Hope this helps?


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