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This is my final time to ask a question before I (Sadly) dump XPlane 11.

Can somebody please point me where to start.   My prime focus is Zibo, my rig is not bad, AMD FX8350 4GHz with 16Gig of RAM  GTX1060 6GB Card,all on Win 10.   Zero plugins, standard scenery.  PC will crash while programming FMC, or approaching an Airport, or any weather other than clear day

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Hi farrep747

I'm not with Laminar Research either, just a fellow simmer from the UK, but my friend down under Glenn has asked me to take a look at your post question as I use the Zibo 737-800X a lot.

Firstly we are interested to look at your X-Plane 11 Log.txt file, the file that you recently posted was the X-Plane Installer Log.txt file which is different and does not in any event indicate any issues.

If you're not sure how to upload the X-Plane Log.txt file, please click on the following link to view a number of PowerPoint slides that I have prepared specifically for this purpose:-

Couple of other questions:-

1. When you say that your "PC crashes", do you mean exactly that i.e. the whole PC shuts down (BSOD) or do you mean that X-Plane 11 shuts down i.e. crashes to desktop (CTD)?

2. The CPU, GPU and RAM spec's look more than adequate, but please confirm the spec of your PSU, which for your GTX1060 should be at least 400W according to NVIDIA.

3. Do you have the very latest drivers for your GTX1060?

Hope this helps for now and we look forward to hearing back from you :-)


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Hi Greengolfer.

Sorry for the late reply, but its all down to my frustration with Xplane which I parked up for a month because I was so disappointed in it performance.    Just to answer your questions.

The PC crash is a full BSOD.

My PSU is a Corsair CX750 750W

Without updating the GTX1060, I took a short flight to my home airport EIDW (Xplane Default).  As I approached finals I had a BSOD.   I have attached this log a LogMyCrash.   

I then updated GTX driver from 417.35 to 425.31.   This time I BSOD as I was on the ground programming the FMC to start my flight..  agin file attached as Log_My2ndCrash

I am very appreciative of your help and I thank you for your support



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Hi Pat

Apologies for not getting back to you before, just had a week away in our caravan :-)

Anyway, I have looked through your log files and note the following:-

1. With the exception of the first line of text in your log files which state X-Plane 11.32r2, all other and following references to files/folders state "X-Plane". All references to the same files/folders in my own log file state "X-Plane 11".

Is it possible that you have remnants of a previous X-Plane version on your PC?

2. Just prior to system crashes, both of your log files showed that you had loaded what appears to be the Zibomod 737-800X aircraft, along with associated plugins, not the X-Plane 11 default 737-800 that you refer to?

Could this be possible?

3. As a qualified computer technician, it would be unusual for X-Plane 11 to cause a total system crash and BSOD, this would normally be caused by a hardware fault or serious operating system problem?

Before getting into this however, I'll await your feedback on the first two issues above and then decide where to go from there?

Kind regards

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Hi Paul

Thanks for your reply.  I only use Zibo Mod and in my view this is the high water mark in simming.

You comment on hardware got me thinking and it sounds logical that Zplane would crash the sim and not the hardware.   I had been blaming poor config or the software but your comment started me thinking on the hardware.

Google suggests that AMD FX8350 can run very hot. so I downloaded CPUID Monitor and right enough, just as XPlane is on high demand (like finals) the temps started to hit 70C.  I opened my rig (purchased second hand) and found the previous owner had put in a 2Pin fan on the Coolermaster .   This may have been done to damp down noise on the rig.  I put in an Arctic 4Pin fan and also strapped a small fan on the rear of the CPU and now I'm running 10 to 15C cooler and no crashes....happy days.   I added back "Pushback" today and now adding other add ons one by one ....dont want to hit the break point again.

Thank you again for all your help


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Hi Pat

Thanks for the update, glad that you've managed to resolve your PC crash issues and happy trails for the future :-)

If you found my assistance to be of value, it would be great if you could consider giving my original post a positive upvote, as suggested on the right hand side of the Q&A page?

Many thanks in advance :-)


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im having the same issue...contacted LR no resolution jet....

on my end shows  xplm plugin crashed....but no more info...
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Good Point..... if this post yields no success the I will try LR.   Thanks for the direction.
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Take a minute and post your log after the crash so some here can have a look at it for clues that might help.

Just remember the people here are not from Laminar... they are just end users like ourselves.

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Thanks Russ.   Unfortunately I don't even get a dump file.   The PC crashes so Xplane has no time to write to a dump.   Windows does not write a dump either.

Would anybody like to comment on Zibo.  Its an astonishing product,,,BUT.... I'm starting to suspect that it only runs on a high end rig ..... I might be wring
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There should be a log.txt file in the xplane directory...that should hold some clue...

If you can post it here.
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Hi farrep747,

I am not from Laminar Research; just another flight simmer from down under trying help the new flight simmers.

The log.txt file is self generated every time you shut down X-Plane or your system crashes. Depending on how you have installed x-plane it is always located in your root directory as either C:\x-plane\log.txt or as C;\user name\x-plane\log.txt or in a dedicated directory where you have installed the software.  It is always the starting point to solve all X-Plane problems.

Next time you run x-plane note the time it crashes or you shut down and then go searching for the name and time.

The log.txt files gives you the "guts" of what is happening with your system.  As Russ (North_View) has indicated if you can't or don't attach the log.txt file others cannot help.

The file is in your system.

Good luck


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Thanks Glenn,

I thought that is what I did when I opened this query.  Your response suggest that you cannot see my log test file at the top of this query ??? can you clarify

Many Thanks