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Right now I am using Ubuntu 18.04 on my desktop and I was wondering if the Linux version of x-plane is using wine to install and run the program or if it was a Linux native version or if I should download the windows version instead. I don't usually like using wine on my Linux system so I was wondering if x-plane was using wine.
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I guess if there is a Linux installer in addition to the Windows installer (you could see when trying to download the demo), it wouldn't make much sense if the Linux installer would install the Windows version (using Wine)...
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Hi, the reason that I had asked if the Linux installer was using wine to install X-plane was that in early versions it was the windows version run under wine which I could never get to work. Happily, I have tried the new Linux installer and my understanding is that it is native to Linux. On Ubuntu and on Arch and they worked perfectly for me.

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X-Plane is a native Linux install.

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Hi, which distributions are supported? I am currently using Ubuntu, but I am also interested in Manjaro. Thanks for the help.
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I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
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Works with OpenSUSE Leap 43 and Leap 15 (64 bit each), too.