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I mostly fly B737s and I like it.  I recently learned how to turn on the auto pilot of a 737-800.  I want to start learning about the MD82 and I got the engines running but can't figure it out.  It is nothing like the 737 its more complicated and I can't find the command button.  Can any one help me find the answer to this complicated puzzle????

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Just the very basics switches and knobs, to engage the Mad Dog’s autopilot…   (Working the panel from left to right)

   - Turn FD switch on

   - Dial in desired airspeed and flip on AUTO THROT, press SPD SEL

   - Dial in desired heading, pull the HDG knob out to select heading mode

   - Dial in desired ALT and  VS, press VERT SPD; flip AP ON to enable A/P  

Check the green readout above the altimeter, you should have SPD nnn, HDG SEL, VERT SPD indicated to confirm that A/P is engaged.

That’s not the full story, of course.  Hope there’s enough to get you started.

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