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I'm running the XPlane 11.32 with Dataref access Plugin which exposes the data to other application where I make use of them. It's important for me that the Datarefs be updated (refreshed) as fast as possible.

I see that Dataref refresh rate (accessed by Plugin API) is partially bound to XPlane FPS, Datarefs get updated slightly more often than Graphical FPS.

There is a Flight models per frame setting which has some impact on this, and of course raw FPS (which means using better PC hardware).

So my question is: Are there any other settings, tweaks, etc. to further boost Dataref refresh rate?

I'm not so much concerned about raw FPS itself, if there is a method to increase Dataref refresh rate at the cost of FPS, I'll accept it gladly. I don't care much about graphical fidelity either.


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