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I was reading about quick look views for Xplane 11.  Not the type that make your head turn 90 degrees to the right or left they are the type that move the view to the FMC or the top panel.  For example number pad 1 moves the view to the pilots primary instrument panel, number pad 2 moves the view to the throttle box, number pad 3 moves the view to the copilots side ext.  I liked the sound of that so I went into Xplane 11 and tried it out.  The results were that nothing happened.  I tried to reset my key boad settings but still nothing happened.  I have seen people use these views so if any one can jump in and pleas help that would be grate.

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There are no shortage of videos on YouTube showing how to set up XP11 Quick Views.

I like the following one which includes a handy trick to set up external wing views.