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I am trying to create scenary failures at xplane 11. If someone can help.

I need to set 2 different failures:

1) elevator trim runway: the elevator surface should move to specific position and stay (should not be hard over)

2) rudder trim runway: same. the rudder surface should move to a specific position and stay there. (should not be a hard over)

the 2 failures should be hard but possible to control (not cathastrophic)

Also I need to start the simulation on air (cruze) and insert the failures after 2 minutes simulation.

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if you want to start at cruise go to special starts and select get me lost that starts you flying but not lined up with a airport or anything and usually a bit higher in altitude.

the failures i cant help you with search and experiment if not what you want then cant help you further.
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Hi Alex,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

There are at least 3 options for starting to fly an aircraft.

1.  Cold start at the hangar door; or

2.  At the end of a runway; where the engine is already started; and

3. In the air with the engine running.  From reading your question this is where you need to start

In addition you want to create your own failures.

It all can be done but you need to do some detailed reading of the manual which can be found at

Good winds