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Following all instrunctions from X-Plane Manual and Video but unable to get results indicated. System is Windows 10 and Eclipse keyboard with NumLock keypad. Can some one please help?

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Hi dreamer

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

Normally the Quick Look feature is used by simmers to set up customised internal cockpit views, as per the simmers specific preferences.

To do this, make sure that the keyboard "NumLock" key has been pressed from the outset, to avoid inadvertently pressing the arrow, Home, End, PgUp or PgDn keys in error.

Then open up a flight in X-Plane 11 and using your mouse (with right hand finger pad pressed down at the same time) navigate around the cockpit until the desired view is displayed on the monitor screen.

Once you have found your desired view, simply press the keyboard Ctrl key and any number key from 0-9 (on the number pad) at the same time. This will store that key sequence and specific cockpit view in your preferences file.

Repeat this process as required to store other views for the given aircraft being flown, and the next time you open X-Plane 11 and use that same aircraft type, the preset quick look key sequences will be stored so that they can be used indefinitely.

If you use any other aircraft type later, you will have to set up another set of views and key stroke sequences again and X-Plane 11 will remember them also, but just for the given aircraft in question.

Hope this helps, but please advise if not?