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I have three monitors, all connected to a single nVidia card. 

11.35 has trouble controlling two monitors I used for X-plane, 11.34 has almost no trouble.  And the reason I don't use three is that X-plane has trouble with two already.

Upon launch, X-plane seems confused and unable to display menu in the correct monitor.  It displays menu on one (2nd) ,but not clickable; the main monitor receive click events but no UI.  

Even if I specify only use one monitor, X-plane darkens the 2nd monitor.  Previous beta displays menu on both of them, but had similar issues (

I suspect it is related to FreeSync/GSync, but not sure as 11.34 works better.

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Hi swuphoto1,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Obviously you have seen the videos from Russ Barlow from which I will not make reference to as a possible solution avenue.

On the other hand have a look at the following link from Michael Brown found at  You will need to take some time in scrolling through his list of videos which deal with multiple monitors.

Michael operates a business in the USA called XForcePC which specialises in building  PCs for flight simulation.  He specialises in units for X-Plane.  Laminar Research has a preference for this business as the only supplier of PCs suitable for X-Plane.

Now,if  this link is of no help then lodge a bug report as suggested in the link provided in your originating question.  There is no link between Laminar Research ( and X-PLane.Org  The bug report can be found at

As a side issue I understand that FreeSync or GSync has no bearing or influence on X-Plane now that multiple monitors can be used/configured for X-Plane when using multiple instances on a PC with a single legal copy of X-Plane.

Good luck.