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I get the following error, I only run one copy at time, tried rebooting and my internet is working fine.

Failed to initialize UDP network connectivity. (RAKNET)
This is almost certainly because you are already running another copy of X-Plane on the same computer.
Another possibility is that you turned off IPv6 support in your operating system. X-Plane requires at least link-local IPv6 connectivity.
Be sure that IPv6 support is on, and restart your computer to be sure that no other instance of X-Plane is running in the background. If it still fails, please check the Log.txt file for entries of type E/NET and W/NET for details.

Not sure on how to add my log.txt file here ?

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Hi Isacc,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

If you follow the link found at  you should have no problems in making the attachment.

You have not indicated what version of X-Plane you are running?  My question is not related to the latest release of XP11.35.  Have a look at an answer I made a few minutes ago in the following link found at

If your version is from Laminar then proceed with attaching your log.txt file so that others with a greater knowledge base than me may be able to provide an answer to your problem.

Looking forward to having a look at your file attachment.


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Thanks for the info, I am using Laminar version. 

I do have two Ethernet connections on my PC, I tried disabling one and I was able to load x-plane. It did ask for my digital key again.

I did have a windows update on my machine the night before, I am assuming this had something to do with it.

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Glad to hear your system is now working.