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after updating to xplane 11.35, the software crashed with the following message

"problem with the file: ressources/shaders/bin/shadow_rect_mapping.xsv  xplane cannot run without this file"

I checked in the Xplane directory and this file is missing: shadow_rect_mapping.xsv I have only mapping.xsv

How to recover the file missing or recharge xplane 11.35?

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Hi Duriez

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but initially the best thing to do is to re-run the X-Plane 11 Installer application, as this will scan your existing files to see if any are missing, corrupt or in need of updating.

If this doesn't work for some reason and assuming that you are running a valid copy of X-Plane 11 purchased directly from LR, then I would be happy to send you a copy of the relevant file by email if you wish?

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Hi Greengolfer15, I appreciate warmly your quick answer

The best for me and the fastest should be to send me the missing file by email if it's not too heavy

I 'll try if not unsuccessful your method of reinstalling

Thanks one more time I was so sad not to enjoy this simulation game


JP Duriez
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Sir, would you mind to send this file to me as well? I´d really appreciate, having the same problema as my friend on the top