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While flying  the Laminar 737-800 a warning sound commences on reaching cruise altitude. The bleed switches are on correctly and the packs are on Auto. There appears to be no way to cancel the warning buzzer and operating the afore mentioned switches has no effect. What can be done?
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The problem is avoidable If the flight is started from cold and dark. I am at a loss as to why the problem occurs on an engines running start. Since I rarely do that the problem is not significant.

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Hi, I think the bell you hear is the pressurization's bell. It advises you for a pressurization's problem. You must pressurize    the cabin before take-off. For doing this, below packs, below APU you'll find two displays: the first for maximum altitude you are going to reach and the second for minimum approaching altitude.   (for example: 35000 - first display - 2000 second display below)

If you forget to do this for conttinuing the flight without prooblems, go down below 15.000 ft. The bell off and no problem to crew and passengers. Otherwise maybe you'll se all black.

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autopilot or pressure.

check warning lights front lower panel.

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