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Hello , My game crash after loading scenery after I installed 3D dolomiti , I tried disabling all other scenery and plugin and still crash ,also tried creating a custom scenery folder only for dolomiti, still no luck! Im running out of idea please help me..

here is the log file :

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May be get a more easy plane to fly then it will be easier not to crash into the scenery, just kidding!!  I don't know if this will work but you may have to turn stuff down like maybe for example the scenery or the reflection detail.  If this is the case I sagest getting a better graphics card:)  

hope this works and good luck

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Hi robin00795,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under. 

Despite what Brendan suggests there is nothing wrong with your existing graphics card.  I have the GTX1080 card and you have the next model ie GTX1080ti.

Has your scenery been installed in the correct order?  Have a look at the user manual which can be found here at 

Personally I think your scenery is getting "lost" due to how you have installed X-Plane.

I have looked at your several copies of the same log.txt file and I am intrigued at the directory designation.where you have installed X-Plane.

In the past drives "A" and "B" were used for the old "floppy disc" drives with your operating system files loaded onto your "C" drive.  If you had a "CD" or "DVD" it was designated "D" drive.  Any additional drives were designated the next alpha character drive letter.

On the basis you have designated one of your additional drives as the "A" drive I am strongly of the opinion that your installation is wrong with the result the scenery you are wanting to use is getting lost.

You need to consider your installation as being a standalone installation as "A:\X-Plane/........" or "A:\X-Plane 11/...."  No other way.  Shorten your file/location directory.

Now your log.txt file also suggests you may also have XP9 and XP10 on your PC and may still run these versions.  If so, these older versions will not mix and match with XP11 and you should reinstall them as  "A:\X-Plane 9/...."  and or  "A:\X-Plane10/......"     It will work because I have XP10 and XP11 installed on my "hangar" drive as a backup system.

Your log.txt file also tells me that you have installed add-on aircraft from earlier versions of X-Plane eg XP10 and XP9, into your XP11 system.  Unless these aircraft have been designated for use in XP11 they will not run.  You should seriously consider removing them immediately as they are taking up space and will not work.

Having stated the above, is your Italian scenery you have installed recently suitable for use with  XP11?  How old is the software?  Was it purchased before XP11 was released?  If so then it is most likely not suitable for XP11 and you will have to upgrade with a new version Approximate price from the supplier is 68 Euro plus VAT.

My advice is :-

  1. Don't mess around with your graphics card;
  2. Check the hierarchy level of all of your scenery, particularly the 3D dolomiti scenery and the suitabilty of your version for use with XP11;
  3. Reinstall X-Plane so that the installation is simple instead of having so many sub levels whereby the file gets lost; and 
  4. Delete the obsolete aircraft files
There are other problemserrors in your log.txt file which I won't touch.  You need to look at the file yourself.
Good luck.

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thanks my dude Im gonna try changing some thing , I reorganized my scenery pack , the A letter for my drive is because I recently bought an ssd and I named it A when I wanted it to appear in my drives list, should I change it ? ! with some friends we realized they were having the same bug on their steam version with the same scenery , they told me it was working fine with the non steam , but I use the non steam version and It still dont work ? thanks for all your time man

Have a nice day