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Hi ,when every time i updated my x plane 11 will ask for my dis ( one ) to unlock full version as i'll been using a 9 dics set box for x palne 11 for almost 2 years so i was just wondering what if someday if i lost or broken my dis one then how am i able to unlock it if ask to ? Is there a way to set up my product in x plane so it won't be asking for my dis every time i update ? Or is it that i will be Force to purchase another set to continue the sim? Thanks in advance for your advise .. best regards

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Hi Ken,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Like you I also use a boxed set from Aerosoft and have the same concerns for the ongoing security for disk 1.

If you know how to create a replacement/substitute ISO disc for XP disc 1, from XP11 disc 1 then good luck.  I don't .

Because Aerosoft is Licenced to sell the disc version Laminar Research does have a replacement for disc 1 process.  You need to make direct contact  with Laminar at info@x-plane.com  There will be a small charge for the disc and postage.


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