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I add an Ortho4XP custom scenery file to custom scenery.

I include the Ortho4XP Overlays

The simulator reads and uses my Ortho scenery but the airport environment does not have buildings.

How do I include airport buildings and surrounding buildings in the file so the simulator can see them as they see my new scenery file. The airport gets wiped out.

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Have you followed the instruction from the Ortho4XP pack regarding the prioritization of your Ortho scenery?

There are articles and videos on how to order the loading of sceneries, e.g.:

Ortho sceneries should typically be placed at the bottom of the list, while airport objects should be at the top.  The order is managed by the "scenery_packs.ini" file.

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In the Custom Scenery folder is a file named scenery_packs.ini
If you open this file with Notepad you'll find a list of all the scenery installed in your copy of X-Plane11
The order of this list is vitally important
From the bottom up, the list should mimic how the scenery is built...
At the bottom is the mesh
Then comes the Ortho tile which covers the mesh
Then Global Airports (The default airfields supplied with each new version of X-Plane11
Then your Ortho4xp Overlays
Then Landmark and Aerosoft
Then add any 3rd party libraries
Then at the top of the list comes all your Custom Airports.

The higher entries "cover/obscure" everything lower.
Simply Cut n Paste
Hope this helps