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Hi there, 

Literally switched from the FSX PMDG NGX to X-Plane yesterday and I was almost good to go when I discovered some texture issues with the 737, both ZIBO mod and default. 

I tried with other aircraft, different timings and circumstances but it only appears on the 73. 

I deleted both the zibo and default 737 and did a repair install + downloaded and installed the ZIBO mod with all the plugins, with the same results as before, Please pardon my ignorance as this is my first time using X-Plane.

 Thank you very much in advance,

Mert Gungor

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Hi Mert

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

Clearly the artifacts showing up in your default 737-800 (KLM) are very strange and not something that I have seen before. I double checked my default and Zibo versions of the same aircraft and liveries and they appear to be OK, photos below.

Does the same thing happen with all liveries for your 737-800 aircraft, say Alaska Airlines for example?


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